Bennet Challenger Deborah Flora Seeks 'Common Ground of Common Sense'

By Ernest Luning, Nov. 26, 2021,

Deborah Flora is no stranger to competition, but the former talk radio host and Douglas County mother of two says she’s running in the 2022 Republican primary for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat to bring people together, to reach “the common ground of common sense.”

Flora, 56, is the eighth and most recent entrant in the crowded field of Republicans who hope to deny Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet a third term in next year’s election.

She launched her campaign in mid-October with an appearance on The Steffan Tubbs Show on 710 KNUS, a few days after putting the Sunday afternoon show she’d hosted for about a year and a half on the same station on ice and stepping aside from her role as director of public policy for Salem Radio Denver.

“Now I'm taking everything I have gained through all of those conversations and taking it to the next level,” she told Tubbs.

After considering a run in the 7th Congressional District — the independent commission that configured the boundaries drew the seat west of Denver and into the mountains, instead of wrapping around the metro area to the south, where Flora lives — Flora said she decided to make a bid for the Senate after observing what’s been happening in the country in the last year.

“A lot of people have been asking me to run for office for quite a while,” she said in an interview with Colorado Politics. “The reality is I live where Coloradans live. I go buy the groceries, I go pump the gas. I see what's going on with our kids in school, in public schools. And when I began to see what was happening in the last nine months, I just realized it's time to stand up.”

Flora said she wants the spirit of her campaign to match the tenor she worked to achieve with her radio show — finding “the common ground of common sense.”

“We have a lot of people in politics that want to divide everyone, that want to get neighbors to look at neighbors as the enemy,” she said. “I really believe that the vast majority of us want exactly the same things. And it doesn't matter whether you have unaffiliated, Republican or Democrats, for the most part — what do we all really want? We want to run our businesses. We want to pursue our dreams. We want to provide for our families, [we] want our kids to have a great education, we want safety and security on our streets. And when I've been seeing the disastrous policies that have been happening, I thought, you know what, it's time.”

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Watch Deborah's 'Colorado Common Sense' launch video below:

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