Colorado Business Leaders Support U.S. Senate Candidate Deborah Flora

PARKER, CO. (Feb. 10, 2022) – Key industry leaders announced today their endorsement of U.S. GOP Senate candidate, Deborah Flora. Laura Carno, Danny Moore and Charlie McNeil lined up behind Flora’s campaign to take on Sen. Michael Bennet.

Laura Carno is a published author, a grassroots advocate, and advocacy leader. She is part of many civic organizations including as Executive Director of FASTER Colorado and Founder of Springs Taxpayers. Much of her work focuses on accountability of government including her book, Government Ruins Nearly Everything.

Danny Moore is President and Founder of DeNOVO Solutions, LLC. He has over 34 years of operational and business experience in Defense, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance arenas. He is a retired Navy Master Chief and serves on numerous boards and commissions including as on the board of directors for the Colorado Business Roundtable and the Leadership Program of the Rockies.

Charlie is a leader in the energy and natural resources industries. He is currently the CEO of NexGen Resources Corporation and has been involved in over 15 company start-ups. He is a member of numerous industry group including Western Energy Alliance and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association as well as many community organizations.

This team of Colorado industry superstars share why they support Deborah Flora and believe she is the best candidate to represent the diverse interests and industries of this state in the U.S. Senate.

Laura Carno’s “WHY” I believe in Deborah Flora

“Deborah is committed to protecting the 2nd amendment, enhancing school safety, and defending every Coloradan's right to protect themselves. She also clearly understands that Big Government "solutions" are not the answer to societal problems, and that the out-of-control spending in Washington is harming hard working citizens across this state,” says Carno. “ I trust Deborah to stand up for Coloradans —not the Washington elites— because she knows that politicians serve the people, not the other way around. Deborah is uniquely qualified to beat Michael Bennet in November. That's why Deborah Flora has earned my complete support.”

Danny Moore’s “WHY” I believe in Deborah Flora

“As a small business owner, I so appreciate Deborah’s clear understanding of the challenges facing our small businesses and I know that she has to courage to push back on government overreach crippling our economy and fueling inflation,” says Moore. “In addition, as a military veteran with nearly 40 years in the intelligence world, I trust Deborah implicitly to clearly identify the current threats to our country, support our military and restore America’s standing abroad. Her proven leadership is what we need in Washington that’s why I’m proud to be supporting Deborah for U.S. Senate.”

Charlie McNeil’s “WHY” I believe in Deborah Flora

“The energy industry is vital to Colorado and to our national security. As someone who has worked in the energy industry for decades, I know that Deborah is the right candidate to stop the attack on energy that has cost Coloradans tens of thousands of jobs, eliminated our energy independence, and made necessities like heating and gasoline unaffordable for people across this great state,” McNeil says. “Deborah is committed to ensuring all businesses in Colorado have the chance to thrive and remove the roadblocks that the career politicians and Washington bureaucrats have plagued too many of our industries with. I support Deborah for the U.S. Senate because she will fight for all Coloradans, not special interest groups.”

“I’m so honored to receive the endorsement of leaders like Charlie McNeil, Danny Moore, and Laura Carno. I share their commitment to a vital energy industry in Colorado, energy independence for America, restoring our security abroad and safety in our streets and schools at home. Together we are also dedicated to ending the out-of-control spending in Washington which is devastating hard working citizens across this state,” says Flora. “I am deeply grateful for their support as the Senate candidate who will truly represent the great people of this state, not the insider agendas of DC.”

About Deborah Flora

Deborah Flora is a business leader, former radio host and public policy director, a mother, and as the President and Founder of the non-profit Parents United America, she has advocated for countless students and parents across the country. In Washington, she will continue to champion the shared values of Colorado families.

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