Deborah Flora Announces Campaign for United States Senate

For Immediate Release: October 14, 2021.
Contact: Abbie Fahleson, 720-432-0105.

Parker, CO – Today, Republican Deborah Flora announced her candidacy to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate. Deborah Flora is a business leader, a mother, and as the President and Founder of the non-profit Parents United America, she has advocated for countless students and parents across the country. In Washington, she will continue to champion the shared values of Colorado families.

“I’m entering this race to stand up for the common ground of common sense that unites us.” said Flora. “With out-of-control inflation, skyrocketing crime, a humanitarian disaster at the border, political indoctrination pervading our schools, and the devastating Biden/Bennett agenda that will burden future generations with trillions of dollars in new debt—we are indeed a nation in crisis. These out-of-touch politicians pursue defeat abroad and division here at home. I’m fighting for our future—the legacy we will leave our children and grandchildren.”

“Despite those that want to divide us, I believe the majority of Coloradans truly want the same thing: to pursue our dreams, run our business, and provide for our families. We want a great education for our children and to be able to raise them in safety and security.” continued Flora. “In Washington, career politicians like Bennet and Biden put special interests over the hard-working individuals in Colorado. I am a small business owner, a wife and a mom. I have a proven record of standing strong for our shared values from the School Board to the State House, and now I am ready to stand for all of us in the U.S. Senate.”

Watch Deborah’s Announcement Video Here
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Deborah grew up in Colorado, the daughter of a Lt. Col. serving on Lowry Air Force Base. She is a Founding Partner of both Lamplight Entertainment and whet•stone Media Group and was previously the Director of Public Policy and the Host of The Deborah Flora Show for Salem Radio Denver. She was one of the organizers of the center-right organization Friends of Abe and has also served on several national boards, overseeing multimillion dollar budgets. She is grateful to serve locally at her church, on the Douglas County Parks Advisory Board, the Advisory Council for Leadership Program of the Rockies, and the Colorado GOP Communications Committee.

Deborah and her husband Jonathan, an 82nd Airborne Veteran and Former Walt Disney Studios HE Producer, have two children.

A President's Scholar and National Merit Scholar, Deborah was a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Southern Methodist University’s League Theater Program, with a B.S.A. in Broadcasting, Music and Theater. Deborah also studied music privately at Salzburg's Mozarteum. As Miss Colorado and 2nd Runner-Up to Miss America, Deborah has spoken and performed extensively around the world, including East Germany the Soviet Union during the coup.  

Courage. Commitment. Common Sense.
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