Flora Receives Endorsement of Jane E. Norton - Former Lieutenant Governor of Colorado

For Immediate Release: December 1, 2021.

Contact: Abbie Fahleson, 720-432-0105.

Parker, CO - Former Lieutenant Governor of Colorado Jane E. Norton has endorsed Deborah Flora for U.S. Senate. “Over the years, I have come to appreciate the courage of Deborah’s convictions. Whether it comes to fighting big government socialism, standing up for academic excellence, or addressing skyrocketing crime in our communities – Deborah is a principled leader who won’t back down from a fight.”

“Colorado deserves a Senator who will represent the entire state. Whether you’re from the Western Slope like me, or are living on the Eastern Plains, the Valley or are in one of our Mountain Communities, Deborah Flora will have your back – She’ll be an outstanding United States Senator for all of Colorado.”

“I am honored to receive former Lieutenant Governor Norton’s endorsement,” said Flora. “Jane Norton has been an incredible example of working for all of the people of the great state of Colorado. From serving as the first female Republican lieutenant governor of the state, to her efforts on the Colorado House of Representatives, and her work with multiple Presidential administrations, she has exemplified a spirit of service and dedication.”

Former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton was sworn in as Colorado’s 46th Lieutenant Governor on January 13, 2003, after serving both the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations and with the Colorado House of Representatives. Throughout Governor Owen’s second term, she launched and chaired the Lieutenant Governor’s Committee to Promote Adoption, as well as oversaw the state’s volunteerism and mentoring additions.

Deborah grew up in Colorado, and through being a business leader, a mother, the President and Founder of the non-profit, Parents United America, and serving locally at her church and on the Douglas County Parks Advisory Board, she has been able to advocate for individuals, parents and children across the state and the country. In Washington, she will continue to champion the shared values of the families and people of Colorado. 

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Courage. Commitment. Common Sense.
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