Flora Says No Federal Funds for Denver Without Federal Cooperation

Parker, Colo. – Denver continues to feel the brunt of Biden’s border crisis as tens of thousands of asylum seekers storm the city. Mayor Mike Johnston has requested the city cut $180 million from its budget to pay for room and board for the migrants during their stay. Johnston has requested that the federal government backfill that $180 million.

“Undoubtedly, Denver and cities and states throughout the country can’t afford the financial obligations of the migrants streaming across our open border,” said Congressional District 4 candidate Deborah Flora. “More importantly, we cannot afford the national security risks that come from our open border and Denver’s fake welcome mat makes Coloradans less safe.”

Flora spoke of Denver’s outspoken lack of cooperation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and federal immigration officials (ICE) that protects criminals from prosecution and deportation. Denver’s opposition to cooperation goes so far as punishing city employees who work with federal immigration agents.

“Denver cannot serve as an obstacle to our homeland security in one breath and in the next beg for dollars from that same agency,” Flora said. “These are uncertain and dangerous times that demand a clear focus on our national security.”

The national security implications of our open border was highlighted by a recent letter from former FBI officials who warned about the dangers arriving from our southern border. The letter states, “Young men from around the world traveling alone and holding questionable motivations dramatically increased in number to become the most common profile of those breaching the nation’s border. A startling number have been found on the terrorist watchlist or are from countries designated as State Sponsors of Terror distinctly unfriendly to the United States.”

“Denver should immediately drop its dangerous sanctuary policies and start cooperating with Homeland Security before receiving a dime from the federal government,” Flora concluded.


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