Deborah Flora
U.S. Senate

Courage. Commitment. 
Common Sense.

Dear Coloradans,

There is a common thread that unites all of us from the mountains to the plains, from the cities to the suburbs. I believe the majority of us truly want the same thing: to pursue our dreams, run our business, and provide for our families. We want a great education for our children and to be able to raise them in safety and security. We stand together on the Common Ground of Common Sense.

However, in Washington, career politicians like Bennet and Biden put special interests over the hard-working individuals in Colorado and try to push their way into every area of our lives. It is time to replace out-of-touch, overreaching bureaucrats with someone who understands the challenges we face every day far away from the personal power plays in DC. That is why I am running for the U.S. Senate.

I am a small business owner, a wife and a mom. Unlike career politicians, I will stand for what matters most to all of us. I have a proven record of standing strong for our shared values from the School Board to the State House, and now I am ready to stand for all of us in the U.S. Senate. Together we will bring Colorado Common Sense back to Washington.

Standing with you,

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Colorado Common Sense

My commitment

Courage. Commitment. Common Sense.
I have taken a stand from the School Board to the State House. 
In the U.S. Senate, I will stand for all of us on the issues that matter to us most:

An economy that every Coloradan can afford

Career politicians in DC seem intent on bankrupting families for generations with their reckless spending and heavy-handed control. These irresponsible policies are fueling high unemployment and rising inflation that are crippling our economy and burdening Coloradans.

Instead of wasting trillions of our hard-earned dollars, together we will lower taxes so Coloradans can keep more of the money they earn, push for a balanced budget, reduce burdens on small business owners, support our vital agriculture and energy industries, free the economy to create more jobs, and unleash the potential of individuals to achieve the American dream and provide for their families.

Putting children and parents back at the center of education

Across the country, academic scores are plummeting, parents are ignored, teachers are overwhelmed, politics are invading our classrooms and children are paying the price.

Instead of forcing one-size-fits-all, big government policies on our students, I will stand for local control, a return to academic excellence and school choice so every child, from every walk of life can succeed.

Safety on our streets and security abroad

Today, crime is skyrocketing at home, a humanitarian crisis is overtaking our border, and our military strength is being undermined abroad because of dangerous policies in our nation’s capital. Biden and Bennet pursue defeat abroad and sow division here at home.

Instead, I will support a strong U.S. military, sustainable immigration policy, the right for every citizen to protect themselves, and defend, not defund accountable policing here at home, so Coloradans can run their business and raise their families in safety.

Affordable Patient-Centered Healthcare

Instead of the one-size-fits-all, government-controlled healthcare, that drives down quality and drives up costs, I will work to get government out of the way, so that people can make their own decision about the best health care for themselves and their families.

I will fight for patient centered reforms, including preventative care, protecting those with preexisting conditions, medical price transparency, and increased choice through competition which will make healthcare more affordable lower the cost of prescriptions drugs.

Colorado’s Independent Spirit

The heritage of our great state and country is the right of every individual to live their lives as they see fit and raise their families according to their own values. That is the common thread that unites us from the mountains to the plains and from the cities to the suburbs.

In a time when there is a push to replace individualism with collectivism, demand uniformity of thought, and strict adherence to big government overreach, I will push back against the intrusion of politics in every area of our lives, stand for the intrinsic value of each person, defend everyone’s right to protect themselves, fight for the right to gather and worship freely, and champion the individual freedoms that we have been blessed to inherit.

Together we will bring 
Colorado Common Sense 
back to Washington.

Courage. Commitment. Common Sense.
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