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Limited government
The Constitution gives limited authority to the government to keep the control of our lives in our own hands. Leftist leaders in Congress are championing and working to implement socialism which is antithetical to individual liberty. Big government socialism threatens the very ideals our nation was founded on and that puts the American Dream at risk for our kids and grandkids. The many failed systems built on socialist ideas have resulted in oppression, misery, and poverty for the people.

Deborah will fight big government socialism at every turn. She will work diligently to safeguard our foundational principles such as the right to protect ourselves, the intrinsic value of every person, the opportunity to pursue our dreams, freedom of conscience, and the liberty to live our lives and raise our families according to our own values.
Creating Jobs and Improving Colorado’s Economy
It’s really simple, Deborah wants to see an economy that every Coloradan can afford. And that means you need to keep more of the money you earn. She knows that’s how we stimulate the American economy. Deborah supports making permanent the middle-income tax cuts. Colorado families and businesses are benefiting from this common sense policy. Middle-class families increased their take home pay by more than $1,600 a year, and those families know can spend or save that money with more impact than government ever could.

Creating good paying jobs that can support a family or allow an individual to plan for a secure future is critical. Deborah knows that removing barriers to entry, encouraging capital investment, and doing away with unnecessary regulations are critical steps to unleashing the potential of American ingenuity and innovation. So many of Colorado’s booming industry sectors benefit from these policies, from advanced manufacturing to energy and natural resources, from biosciences to infrastructure engineering and agriculture.
Balancing the Budget
America’s national debt is just unsustainable and future generations are being bankrupted by the out-of-control squandering of trillions of our hard-earned dollars. You can trust Deborah to focus on reducing America’s indebtedness to foreign powers, and to working towards a balanced federal budget, starting with reducing frivolous and unnecessary spending.
Immigration Reform and Border Security
America’s immigration system is broken. This is true, but how many times have you heard politicians say it? Our immigration system needs an overhaul, and instead Washington politicians, like Bennet and Biden have used it as a political volleyball. Now we have a humanitarian crisis at our southern border. Not only do we not know who is coming into our country and what their background or health status is, but those who want to be here for the right reasons are in terrible danger due to the conditions and to human traffickers.

Our immigration process takes too long and is bogged down in bureaucracy and expense, and this not only harms those seeking to come here, it harms employers and industries who have urgent workforce needs. We can never solve our illegal immigration situation without addressing our legal immigration process.
Energy, Food and Agriculture
With abundant natural resources from both renewables and fossil fuels, Colorado is a leader in a balanced energy economy. With wind, solar, hydroelectricity, geothermal, oil, and natural gas, the only thing more diverse than our energy sources is our landscape. Energy production is critical to the economy and our communities statewide.

In the Senate, Deborah will work to protect and promote opportunities in this area, tackling the issues that are critical to Colorado and to the country, such as affordability, sustainability, and energy independence. She will oppose political gimmicks and massively expensive, unrealistic proposals that seek to destroy the economy and limit individual mobility. Colorado must remain a national leader in the fields of renewable energy and biofuels without unfair taxes and unnecessary regulatory burdens, and American must retain its energy independence, as well as remain a global leader in clean, affordable energy.

Colorado has a rich heritage of farming and ranching, plus emerging depth in areas like organic goods, craft beers and global restaurant franchises. In our overall economy, our agriculture industry is a significant driver. Deborah will be a friend of agriculture and the hard-working families who provide so much for all of us.
Safety and Security
The protection of its people is one of the most fundamental functions of the federal government. However, leftists in Washington promote dangerous policies that have resulted in skyrocketing crime in our neighborhoods and the demoralizing of our military overseas. Biden and Bennet and Biden pursue defeat abroad and sow division here at home.

However, Deborah knows we need to support a strong U.S. Military and defend, not defund accountable policing here at home. A strong national defense is critical, and Deborah will protect funding and efforts to ensure Americans are protected from threats at home and abroad. Under Bennet’s absentee tenure, the U.S. Space Force was lost to Colorado, but Deborah will work tirelessly to advocate for the numerous members of the armed forces serving in our great state, stand up to the politicizing of the brave men and women in uniform both on our streets and around the world, and champion those who stand in the gap for our safety and security.
Standing with Veterans
As the daughter of a Air Force Lt. Col., and the wife of an 82nd Airborne Veteran, Deborah knows as well as anyone that we owe everything to the more than 410,000 Colorado veterans who fought to defend our freedoms. That’s why Deborah will work to ensure that those who have served our country have access to quality healthcare, education, and every economic opportunity. She will work to ensure accountability at the VA so bureaucracy doesn’t get in the way of the care our bravest America’s need and deserve, and she will support increasing access and quality of care for those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction.

Protecting Seniors
Deborah supports preserving the healthcare and retirement programs that those in or near retirement depend on. The number of Americans aged 65 or older is set to double in the next 30 years, and our leaders must be proactive in thinking about how to meet the demands of an aging population. Deborah will fight to support and protect our senior citizens.
Fighting for Affordable Healthcare
It is time for meaningful action on healthcare. As a mom, Deborah understands how the costs and accessibility issues in healthcare threaten the middle class. She will work to make sure families are empowered to make decisions about their healthcare and what is right for them. She will actively oppose a one-size-fits all approach like Medicare for all that will drive down the quality of care and eliminate private insurance.

Deborah will fight for patient-centered reforms. That includes things like preventative care, protecting those who have preexisting conditions, more medical price transparency, more choice through competition, to make healthcare more affordable, and to lower the cost of prescriptions drugs.
Supporting Colorado’s Children and Education
As a mother with children in Colorado public schools, Deborah understands we need to restore students and parents to the center of education, so every child can flourish. As the founder of Parents United America, she has been a tireless champion for returning our public schools to centers of education not indoctrination, unburdening teachers so they can focus on academics, and restoring transparency and trust.

A quality education for our children is a top priority for everyone because we know it is so often the path the achieving the American Dream. That is why Deborah will stand against government-controlled, one-size-fits-all policies that supplant local control, school choice, and deny the unique individuality of every child.

In addition, Colorado has many opportunities in some of the most exciting and fastest growing industries in the nation. Deborah supports states having flexibility to be able to address their unique landscape to improve K-12 education outcomes. Deborah will support academic excellence and child-focused alternatives at the federal level, including vocational schools, and training programs to expand access and career options for our kids, and help them unlock their own unique potential.
Courage. Commitment. Common Sense.
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