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Improve Our Economy and Promote Prosperity

Reckless spending, money borrowed from China, overregulation, and more big-government socialist programs have run the American economy into the ground. Every citizen is feeling the cost of record-high inflation and massive spikes in grocery and gas bills. Hard-working Coloradans are struggling to provide for themselves and their families. In Congress, Deborah will:

  • Oppose big government spending
  • Work to cut unnecessary regulations
  • Make the middle-income tax cuts permanent
  • Cut taxes further so families can keep more of the money they earn
  • Support removing barriers to entry for small businesses
Balance the Budget and Hold Government Accountable

America’s national debt is completely unsustainable and future generations are being bankrupted by the out-of-control squandering of trillions of our hard-earned dollars. Bloated omnibus spending bills are allowing pork from both sides of the aisle. You can trust Deborah to:

  • Fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Stand for single subject appropriation bills
  • Work to root out waste, fraud and abuse
  • Reduce America’s debt to foreign countries
  • Fight for accountability in all branches of government
Border Security and Immigration

The failed policies of the Biden administration have created a national security disaster and a humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the danger posed to the Americans cannot be overstated. More than 160 people from the terrorist watch list have been apprehended at our southern border in 2023, compared to 0 in 2019. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security estimates that 18,000 migrants enter the U.S. illegally every day. In addition, fentanyl, the leading cause of death of Americans 18-45 years old is devastating our communities and empowering drug cartels. Deborah supports:

  • Building a wall and fully funding border enforcement
  • Enforcing the laws already on our books
  • Ending “Catch and Release” and restoring the “Stay in Mexico” policy
  • Declaring cartels “narco-terrorist military organizations” to end their trafficking
  • Addressing common sense immigration reform, only when the border is secure
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National Security

The protection of its people is one of the most fundamental functions of the federal government. However, leftists in Washington promote dangerous policies that weaken our security, embolden our enemies, endanger our allies, and undermine our military. In a time of global unrest from China, Russia, Iran and its terrorist proxies, our national security is front and center. Deborah will work to ensure Americans are protected from threats at home and abroad. In Congress, she will:

  • Stand firmly against Communist China threats at home and abroad
  • Push to defund Iran by enforcing and strengthening sanctions
  • Strive to become energy independent so we are not funding our enemies
  • Support a strong U.S. military and oppose the woke politics weakening it
  • Tirelessly to support our brave men and women in uniform and our veterans who have proudly served
Water and Agriculture

Farmers and ranchers are the lifeblood of eastern Colorado. They represent the best of  Colorado’s values, a dedication to family, a dedication to community, and a dedication to the long-term preservation and sustainability of Colorado's ecosystems. Like any business, in order for Colorado's agricultural industry to thrive, it needs certainty and the government to stay out of the way. 

This includes a stable and consistent tax structure, preservation of personal property rights, and long-term sustainability of Colorado's most important natural resource, its water. As a conservative leader, I will fight to ensure that Colorado's agricultural industry has the opportunity to grow and thrive doing what they do best, serving as the stewards of Colorado's precious environment and feeding not only the people of Colorado, but the people of the world.

Energy Independence

With abundant natural resources, Colorado is a leader in clean oil and natural gas. Energy production is critical to the economy, key to lowering costs for rural and suburban communities, and essential to our national security. Under the Biden Administration’s failed policies, America has gone from being net energy exporters to dependent on foreign nations often funding our enemies. In Congress, Deborah will:

  • Promote U.S. energy independence and dominance
  • Support policies to make energy affordable
  • Oppose the Green New Deal
  • Support an all-of-the-above energy policy
  • Work to eliminate unfair taxes and unnecessary regulatory burdens
Education, Not Indoctrination

Deborah has been at the forefront of the movement for parental rights, educational freedom, and protecting the innocence of children. She has helped flip school boards, testified for curriculum transparency and advocated for school choice, founding Parents United America and producing the documentary “Whose Children Are They?”

In Washington DC, Deborah will continue to stand against big government school monopoly and instead support local control, school choice, and policies that create educational opportunities for all students. She will:

  • Advocate for the Parents Bill of Rights Act to put power back in the hands of parents
  • Fight for academic excellence which is the key for every child to flourish
  • Push for programs that allow educational funds to follow the student not the system
  • Work to drastically reduce the Department of Education and strengthen local control
  • Support the elimination of classroom politicization and sexualization of children
Second Amendment

The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the fundamental right “to keep and bear arms.” The Supreme Court correctly interpreted this guarantee as an individual right. However, many gun control efforts threaten the rights of law-abiding citizens, while criminals intent on hurting others continue to ignore the law. These efforts also harm the ability of Americans to protect themselves and their families, disproportionately hurting minorities and those living in high-crime areas. In Congress, Deborah will stand against efforts to further restrict the ability of Coloradans to exercise this fundamental right.

Defend the Unborn and Support Women

Deborah has a history of supporting women in crisis by helping them find resources that allow them to choose the best for themselves and their unborn children. She supports the right to life and will defend the unborn while striving to create a culture of life that empowers women facing an unplanned pregnancy. She also believes that this issue transcends the partisan divide and stands with the vast majority of Americans who feel that the extreme pro-abortion policies of the left do not represent their values.

Limited Government vs. Federal Overreach

The Constitution gives limited authority to the government and puts the control of our lives in our own hands. Leftist leaders in Congress are championing and working to implement socialism, which is antithetical to individual liberty. Big government socialism threatens the very ideals our nation was founded on and puts the American Dream at risk for our kids and grandkids. The many failed systems built on socialist ideas have resulted in oppression, misery, and poverty for the people. Deborah will fight big government socialism at every turn.

Federal overreach must be addressed. From the unconstitutional new Waters of the United States rule to the weaponizing of federal agencies against parents speaking out at school board meetings, the federal government has grown far too large and reached its way into too many aspects of our lives.

Deborah will work to shrink the scope of government and fight against the Biden administration’s overreach. Farmers, not bureaucrats, know how best to take care of their land. Likewise, parents should not be targeted by the federal government for standing up for their children. Utilizing federal agencies like the FBI and the DOJ to target political opponents is absolutely unacceptable and un-American. Deborah is going to fight to shrink the government because a large federal government is a threat to our freedoms.

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