CD-4 Republican Candidate Floyd Trujillo backs Flora

Parker, CO – After falling short on his candidate petitions, Douglas County resident and former CD-4 Republican Candidate Floyd Trujillo told his supporters to back fellow conservative Douglas County citizen Deborah Flora.

“Without being a career politician coupled with a late start to the campaign, we fell short qualifying for the primary ballot,” Trujillo explained. “I got into this race to be a voice for Colorado’s oil and natural gas workers and their tireless commitment to providing affordable, reliable energy for our residents and our nation. Deborah understands the importance of protecting these workers and the national and even global impacts our district has on our national security. She’s clearly the best choice for CD-4 to champion these workers and their families and to confront Joe Biden and his reckless energy policies. That is why I am honored to support Deborah and encourage others to do so as well.”

Trujillo, a former oil and natural gas executive, author and advocate, is the second CD4 Congressional candidate to put his support behind Flora, joining former Congressional Chief of Staff Chris Phelen who dropped out of the race to also endorse Flora’s campaign.

“With the escalating attacks on Israel, Russia’s continuing aggression towards Ukraine and Joe Biden’s political wrath on American energy producers, we need to empower Colorado’s oil and natural gas workers to safeguard our consumers and defend our national security,” Flora said. “Floyd has passionately promoted our homegrown petroleum engineers, air scientists, geologists, and more industry workers to illustrate how the failed Bidenomics of driving down energy supplies has only driven up inflation and consumer costs. I appreciate Floyd’s support and counsel to ensure our CD-4 energy workers will be protected and to shine a bright light on the dangers of the president’s devastatingly expensive green new deal (IRA).”

With two months before the primary election, Flora has already consolidated support of two Republican candidates into her camp as she continues to build support as the clear alternative to former CD-3 Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who switched Congressional seats earlier this year after seeing her prospects for re-election dim. In a poll released by Boebert’s campaign, her name identification helped propel her ahead of the other nine candidates in the race at the time. However, the number of CD-4 candidates has shrunk from nine to six with Flora as the only candidate consolidating support.

“In the end, this race will be about the person who best represents the values of the hardworking families in CD-4 that I have lived and worked among for years,” Flora said. “I’m running FOR this office, not running FROM an office, which is why our campaign is gaining momentum and support from voters across the district.”

Deborah is a nationally recognized Conservative Leader and Parental Rights Advocate who grew up in Colorado on Lowry Air Force Base. A Founding Partner of Lamplight Entertainment, Deborah is also a businesswoman, an award-winning filmmaker and producer, and hosted “The Deborah Flora Show” on the Salem Radio Network. As a Director of Public Policy and Founder of Parents United America, she has advocated and testified for issues impacting Colorado citizens and has also served on several national boards overseeing multi-million-dollar budgets.

Deborah and her husband, Jonathan, an 82nd Airborne veteran, live in Parker with their two children. A President’s Scholar and National Merit Scholar, Deborah was a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Southern Methodist University.