Conservative Republican Deborah Flora Launches Campaign for Colorado’s 4th District

Pledges to Secure the Southern Border, Stop Out-of-Control Spending, and Protect Our Children.

Parker, CO — Today, conservative Republican Deborah Flora launched her campaign for the Republican nomination for Colorado’s 4th Congressional district. Deborah is a radio host, local business leader, and as the founder of the non-profit Parents United America, she has been on the front line advocating for parental rights and educational freedom. 

“The career politicians in Washington DC are completely out of touch with the real issues facing the good people of Colorado and this country. I am running for Congress to bring accountability back to government, stop the out-of-control spending that is crushing citizens and skyrocketing inflation, secure our border and return safety to our streets, restore America’s energy independence so we stop funding our enemies abroad, and fight for educational freedom and parental rights,” said Flora. “Coloradans deserve someone who will represent them and have the courage and conviction to stand for what is right. I’m not a career politician, I’m a business owner and a mom who has been fighting from the school board to the state house for our families and our freedoms. I’m ready to take that fight to Washington.”

The daughter of a Lt. Col., Deborah grew up in Colorado on Lowry Air Force Base. A Founding Partner of Lamplight Entertainment, Deborah is an award winning filmmaker and producer and hosted The Deborah Flora Show on the Salem Radio Network. As a Director of Public Policy, she has advocated and testified for issues impacting Colorado citizens and has also served on several national boards overseeing multi-million dollar budgets.

Deborah and her husband Jonathan, an 82nd Airborne veteran, live in Parker with their two children. A President’s Scholar and National Merit Scholar, Deborah was a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Southern Methodist University. 

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